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Robyn Bramson

Robyn grew up in Ventura County.  She attended San Francisco State University where she majored in Women Studies prior to going to law school.  After earning her undergraduate degree, Robyn attended McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento.  She was admitted to the California State Bar in 2004.  While attending McGeorge she began working at the Sacramento County Public Defender’s Office.  It was here that Robyn first became interested in doing juvenile justice work while working with children charged with criminal offenses in juvenile delinquency court proceedings.   As an Assistant Public Defender Robyn developed critical legal research and writing skills, which she used in an array of law and motion work and pretrial writ litigation.  Robyn also represented minors and young adults who had been committed to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Division of Juvenile Justice (formerly California Youth Authority), and litigated motions to change, modify and/or set aside these commitments.        

In 2008 Robyn left the Public Defender’s Office and went into private practice.  In private practice Robyn continued working in the areas of criminal defense and juvenile delinquency.  In addition, she expanded her practice to include appellate work, and worked on criminal appeals out of both the Second and Fourth District Courts of Appeal in California.  Her private practice also included representing prison inmates in Keyhea hearings, which involved defending her clients against being involuntarily administered psychotropic medications against their will.  While working as Keyhea counsel Robyn worked with many clients suffering from significant mental health issues.  Working with these clients allowed her to develop a keen awareness of mental illness, how to work with and identify clients suffering from mental illness, as well as an understanding of how mental illness impacts behavior and can be used in various aspects of defending against criminal charges.      

Robyn brings with her a unique background that is a key component of Wippert & Bramson’s effectiveness.  Her focus on and adeptness at legal research and writing provide the foundation for the firm’s aggressive law and motion and pretrial writ practice, which is critically important to successfully defending our clients.  

Scott Wippert

Scott was born and raised in Hawaii.  As an undergraduate, he attended the University of Hawaii at Manoa where he majored in Communications.  After graduating from college he moved to California to attend law school and pursue a career in law.  He attended McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento and was admitted to the California State Bar in 2001.  That same year, Scott began working at the Sacramento County Public Defender’s Office.  As an Assistant Public Defender Scott developed a reputation as one of the office’s most aggressive attorneys and was known for constantly being in trial.

In 2006 Scott went into private practice in Sacramento.  His practice primarily involved the representation of clients charged with serious and violent felonies, but also included DUIs and representing children in juvenile delinquency court proceedings.  In private practice Scott further developed his reputation for being a gifted and aggressive trial attorney.  This reputation led Scott to the Los Angeles based law firm of United Defense Group in 2008, where he was brought on to be a senior trial attorney.  While at United Defense Group Scott handled and tried a number of high profile cases, and most of his cases involved clients whose exposure was life imprisonment.  As senior trial attorney at United Defense Group, Scott tried cases all over the State of California, and litigated cases in other states as well.

In 2010 Scott moved back to Northern California and continued his practice of criminal defense law.  His practice included representing clients charged with crimes ranging from misdemeanors to homicides, and he handled cases in numerous counties all over the state of California. 


Scott’s fiery litigation style and strong desire to win are apparent to anyone who observes him in court.  These attributes define him as a lawyer and make him a formidable opponent and effective advocate for our clients.