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Wippert & Bramson is a criminal defense law firm that provides legal representation to adult and juvenile clients charged with offenses ranging from misdemeanors to serious and violent felonies.  Wippert & Bramson offers clients charged with criminal offenses a compassionate but aggressive legal defense team that focuses on strategic pretrial motion practice and artful trial representation.  Through a combination of written and oral advocacy, Wippert & Bramson provides clients with a comprehensive defense designed to provide the most effective legal representation possible.

          While most criminal defense offices offer their clients the services of a single attorney, Wippert & Bramson gives clients a team of lawyers who work collaboratively on the client’s case.  This collaborative approach is aimed at creating a defense strategy that draws from each lawyer’s specific skillset resulting in truly zealous advocacy for the client.  Additionally, Wippert & Bramson works with investigators and experts from a variety of fields and backgrounds who assist in the preparation and presentation of the client’s defense.

          Being charged with a criminal offense is perhaps the most serious and stressful situation you will ever face.  Because of the immediate as well as long term consequences that a criminal conviction or juvenile adjudication can have, including its impact on your liberty, nothing is more important than defending yourself against a criminal prosecution.  Wippert & Bramson has a history of providing aggressive and effective legal advocacy and representation to clients throughout California. 

At its core, Wippert & Bramson is about ensuring that no person is deprived of his or her life or liberty without due process of law.  This concept of due process is part of what forms the constitutional bedrock of America.  We believe in this principal of law, and it is this belief that keeps us committed to and fighting for our clients, which we will continue to do for each and every one of them.   

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